Wonderland by Skitz Kraven

wonderland skitz kraven

Wonderland is the 3rd mixtape by Skitz, it has been having hip hop listeners from all over the globe on the edge of their seats awaiting for the final release day from what is said to be Kraven’s best project thus far. With his last project (Black Snow) ranging from many different sounds, “Wonderland” has a much darker and deeper vibe to it. It is the ultimate basement mixtape….if that basement was in a haunted trap house in the middle of the woods in central Wisconsin. The bass alone will make you want to tear up any house at any party while hallucinating off your favorite drug. sKitz Kraven never seems to disappoint when it comes to making the right “turn up” music and turn up music is exactly what you get with “Wonderland”.

Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap: Hardcore Rap

Release Date: 2016

Listen: Preview: Track – 2 – Magic

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About the artist – sKitz Kraven aka (Evan D. Kijek) was born on July 9th 1992 in Madison Wisconsin. Growing up listening and idolizing music, Kraven knew he would one day be an artist. From the age of 4 he started playing the piano, drums, and many other percussion instruments. Getting into music at a young age helped his knowledge with sound. During middle school years Kraven soon fell in love with the rap game. Through high school he started not only falling for the rap game but also the street life that came with it. At the age of 16 Kraven was starting to experience some mental and emotional challenges. Dealing with those roadblocks, Kraven started looking for ways to cope. At 18 he made writing music his therapy. “I would put my pain, anger, excitement, and emotions into all of my writings and turned them into poetry, into a story.” said Kraven. That is when he knew rap was his calling. After rapping throughout his city, people soon started to see how much talent he truly had. With his violent and cringing lyrics, people couldn’t believe the gruesome and raunchy things he would say. As much as they didn’t want to admit it, they couldn’t ignore his creative and shocking poetic flow. They soon started to follow his every move, copy his trendy “look” and want to be where he was. He was a true leader in his city. Inspired by his fans’ reaction, he realized he needed to pursue his passion further. At the age of 19, Kraven packed his bags and moved to OC California. Now, after living in California for the past 4 years, Kraven has a large fan base and a new sound to his music. He has shared the stage with artists such as Juicy J, Waka Flocka Flame, Ice Cube, Yelawolf, Future, Mickey Avalon, Hopsin, and many others. “His stage presence is out of this world” said Dre Nicholson who is a club promoter in Orange County, California. When he steps foot in front of the crowd, he makes sure he grabs everyone in the buildings attention. His aggressive, rowdy, and passionate energy truly pulls the entire audience in”. “Performing is my life”. said Kraven. “I can’t tell you how many artists half ass their performances and perform only 3 songs just to get paid. I never understood how an artist can just stand in one place while rapping some of their lyrics and move their hand up and down. That isn’t a performance to me. When I’m on stage, its not only a concert but it’s a movie. You will remember my energy and stage presence for years after. Thats how I come out and perform a show”. sKitz Kraven is bringing “horrorcore” into the game and with his darker lyrics and grimy sounds, he is turning a lot of heads. He also has the mainstream listeners tuned in with his more popular singles “Time Out” and “What You Wearin” which are getting a lot of attention in the club scene this year. Not only can sKitz create dark music, he is a master at making radio/club music, r&b music, and pop music as well. sKitz also just recently released his new single titled “Magic” which is a prime example of his DARKER side. With over 200,000 views on Facebook in 7 days, Magic is starting to look like a very successful single for sKitz Kraven and his entire brand. sKitz Kraven could well be labeled as the “Marilyn Manson” of hip hop, “The artist who can do it all”, or “The master of all genres”, but whichever one you label him as, sKitz Kraven will be the top of a new generation in hip hop, and that’s a fact.


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