Sugahbeat by Sugahbeat

Stamp your passport with Sugahbeat, a convivial fusion that embraces a variety of cross-cultural rhythms. The result is a full-on dance session trimmed in smiles and sweat. Steel drums are a key ingredient in the musical stew, and when combined with traditional instrumentation and horns a robust backdrop is created for the rich vocals to frolic between the grooves.

Be a musical tourist! Sugahbeat seamlessly blends world rhythms with contemporary beats, Reggae with Samba, Pop with Soca (West Indian for “Soul Calypso”), Latin with R&B, until the lines are blurred between them all, creating a distinctive, proprietary sound.

This collection of festive and diverse tunes spans Reggae, Latin, Afro Pop and even a bit of Country influence, here’s a sampler of brief descriptions:
“This Could Take All Night” sits atop an upbeat Latin Jazz/Pop groove with a sultry vocal track.
Dreadlock Boy playfully tells the story of a daughter telling her father about her new boyfriend who has a particular hairstyle, and incorporates a cheerful 50’s style Ska music bed behind it.
Large Cocktail (with a Tiny Umbrella) is Sugahbeat’s version of a drinking song, it will transport you to the beach with slight Country elements, Ukulele, Fiddle and a Reggae backbeat.


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