Pensamiento by Doble

pensamiento by doble

Pensamiento by Doble

Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap: Reggaeton

Release Date: 2017

About artist – ”’Leo Henry Wilson”’ (Born May 30, 1987), known professionally as “Ele Doble U” and ”Doble”, is a producer, songwriter, mixing and mastering engineer, singer from Atlanta, GA.
Leo Henry Wilson “Doble” was born on May 30, 1987 to African American Parents. Doble was raised in Detroit, MI and encountered many hardships throughout his life. He used music as an escape to better himself and continue to educate himself. His determination for success helped him start a “soon to be” successful career. He began producing music for various artists from Detroit learning how to mix and mastered songs properly at one of Detroit’s major recording studios. These skill-sets will show to have proven its worth of learning in due time.

After going through a life changing event, Doble decided to start his life over in Atlanta, GA. Doing so allowed him to experience the Latin culture, music and language. He familiarized himself with various Latin people from Mexico, Puerto Rico, Colombia, Venezuela etc. learning Spanish and the different variations of the language as spoken in different countries.

After later moving to Atlanta, GA, he began exploring different genres other than R&B, Hip Hop, Rap and Pop. Doble began learning and practicing Spanish after being introduced to music such as Wisin y Yandel, Daddy Yankee, Don Omar etc. He began studying Reggaeton, Bachata, Salsa after being fascinated by the culture and music. 2012 he began singing and performing Spanish songs though he was not quite fluent in the language. He received help from many of his Latin friends with pronunciation and arrangement. Early 2013, he began recording his first studio album which was set to be released in late 2013. Due to his limited budget, his album was pushed back to 2014. Doble wrote, produced, sung, recorded, mixed and mastered every song on his album.

He released his first Studio Album in 2014 called “Diversity”. After his success with the release of “Diversity”, he continued to further his career. Late 2015, he released his first “Hit” single called “Begin Again” a Bachata song spoken in both English and Spanish. The song gained internet popularity helping to introduce “Doble” as not only a producer, but a very skillful artist capable of performing songs in a language other than is native language English. Doble also released a remix to a very popular Latin song “Sunset” by Farruko ft Nicky Jam and Shaggy. This remix was a success as well helping to boost Doble’s career as a multi-skilled producer.

On January 22, 2016, Doble Released his first single off his “soon to be released” album entitled “Amor Sin Fin” after gaining popularity on internet music music websites such as “SoundCloud” and Spotify. His debut album is set to be released in summer of 2016 and will feature artists such ass Farruko, Nicky Jam and Wisin.

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