Nudibranch by Raby

nudibranch raby

Nudibranch by Raby, is some wizard-Pop with dirty-South infusions of electro-folk, world and synth-pop! Raby channels glamorous characters into cinematic fantasies with spellbinding magic, formalized by poppy synths, enchanting operatics and audacious raps bent on sorcery.

Genre: Pop: Dream Pop

Release Date: 2017

Album Notes – From the sultry swamp waters of the Dirty-South Texas coast, Raby’s rowdy Texas folk-roots seep into theatrical pop compositions but her taste for transmogrification takes listeners on a voyage through a sea of genres. Like the lovechild of Peaches, Yma Sumac, Kate Bush and Bjork, Raby’s spellbinding style is formalized by poppy synths, folky guitar, dramatic vocals, enchanting operatics and audacious lyrics bent on saucy sorcery. A known shape-shifter, she channels glamorous characters into fantastic cinematic atmospheres.

Raby is simply bewitching. Fans say, “She sounds like Cyndi Lauper, Portishead and Yolandi mud-wrestle at a psychedelic witches’ rodeo.”

Raby hallmarks an entirely new genre, Wizard Pop, with salty communions, funky culture queues and dreamy grit shamelessly dedicated to magic, liberation and unity. She hopes to inspire massive planetary healing and creative liberation through the poetic power that comes through compassion, communion and brazen sass.

Raby has garnished grande aplomb via performances at some of the world’s largest transformational music festivals including Envision Fest 2016 and Lightning in a Bottle (2013 + 2014) where she roused revelry with cheeky raps, bodacious operatics and shamanic clown characters. Raby plans to tour, compose theme albums, help the masses connect with the planet and trick the devil into sitting on tacks.


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