Nam Wayne by Nam Wayne

nam wayne

Nam Wayne by Nam Wayne is garage rock, garage punk, low-fi, lyric-driven, dirtied up, DIY neo-romanticism with lots of reverb and tape compression. Genre: Rock: Garage Rock | Release Date: 2017

About the artist – Nam Wayne began writing his self-titled debut album back in 2005, intending to give it a rough charm by finishing the entire thing in one week. But a number of factors including tape equipment failures, drummer Tim Monaghan’s injury and coma, the economic downturn, a vinyl manufacturing bottleneck, and Nam’s meticulousness delayed its completion by twelve years until 2017, just long enough for the record’s resident Bush-era protest song Decade of Darkness to become a period piece and then suddenly become ominously relevant once again.

The album traces the changing times. “Falling on the Waves” captures the moment when it became clear that public phones were obsolete. “Feelin’ Fine” is a post-market-crash survival song from when Wayne was scraping by serving hors d’oeuvres to Donald Trump and Arianna Huffington amid the inescapable strains of corporate pop music. “Eighth Grade Enchantress,” which features a medieval crumhorn sampled on a Casio SK-1, was inspired by a young prodigy who became a lifelong friend.

Wayne constructed the recordings like Star Wars props, composing the lyrics carefully, deliberately, but then figuratively slopping them with dirt and partially obscuring them with shadows and motion-blur. He did much of the recording in altered states but edited the performances with surgical sobriety. The drums were recorded on two inch tape right after Tim recovered from his coma. Everything else was recorded on multitrack cassette to get a haloed disintegrating feel.


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