Me vs Me by CT

Me vs Me by CT

Me vs Me by CT is a hard hitting punches over trunk rattling beats, Start to finish you will be tuned in with anticipation wanting more. No topic left unaddressed, this is for all genres.

Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap: Rap

Release Date: 2017

Preview – Track -3 – What You Want Then

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Album Notes – The music I make comes from the heart and personal experiences. I try to use clever wordplay and pick the right beat for the mood I’m in. My delivery and flow pattern is like none other. I grab my inspirations from artist like 50cent, Ti, BG those those individuals made it okay to be yourself, and not have to follow what’s “trendy” at the time.. I touch on many topics and give my opinion plus outlook on the situation.. Music is an outlet for me to share my vision and to help others make sense of similar situations. All I ask for is a chance to be heard, I feel it’s my job to keep the audience engaged. So please Listen, Share, and Comment.


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