Cause & Effect by Levity

cause & effect levity

About Levity:

In the early spring months of 2016 four musicians came together with a common goal: to combine interesting and exciting music with an energetic and dynamic live act to match. Each knew that live music needs to be performed with energy and zeal, otherwise the very essence of it is diluted. With this work ethic the band known as Levity was ushered into existence. Based in the creative hub of Brighton they have flourished, gaining a positive response from audiences wherever they play.

Made up of George Challiss, Dave Duce, George Marino and Dan Slater who met through the age-old breeding ground of many bands, university, Levity have since their inception been working hard on their material. While the energy and experience of their live set is a crucial facet of their work, Levity have taken great care and effort on the fundamental essence of any band; the songs themselves.

Combining elements of rock and soul (with a generous sprinkling of funk and blues) Levity have created a sound that is both interesting and exciting to listen to. Utilising compelling rhythms and powerful melodies, combined with the unconventional and original vocal delivery of George Challiss, the songs of Levity provide a unique musical experience.

As well as ensuring their music is the best it can be, Levity also take the time to craft lyrics that actually bare a resonance. It may seem strange that a band named after a word which conjures up images of joviality deals with topics such as loneliness, drunken regrets and unfulfilled ambitions. However the band does their best to make sense of these prevalent themes within life and see the black humour and pathos caged within them.

Levity have clearly worked hard on the holy trinity of any aspiring band: their music, their lyrics and their live performances. With a 7 track EP out in the coming months and a decent number live shows booked, the future looks bright. Whatever the future holds is anyone’s guess. But the band will have a good time finding out what it is.


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