Bang Time! by Banga Brownin

bang time

Bang Time! by Banga Brownin // K-Street Records presents the long awaited debut album of Reggae/Dancehall/Hip-Hop/R&B Recording artist Banga Brownin. Yes… it’s Banga Time!

Genre: Reggae: Dancehall

Release Date: 2017

Preview – Track 8 – No Lie

Album Notes – What time is it? It’s Bang Time! The debut album from K-Street Recording Artist Banga Brownin. To try and describe this album with words is like trying to show someone what cheese tastes like using only their eyes. We hash tag this project #nogenre because even though the album has a heavy reggae/ caribbean influence, the Hip-Hop and R&B stylings show through on songs like ‘This Is My Life’ and ‘They Don’t Want No Drama’. You really just have to hear it for yourself and take the ride with Banga as she takes you on this musical rollercoaster! Are you ready? Check your watch. Do you know what time it is yet? It’s Bang Time!

All songs written by Banga Brownin
All songs produced by Da Bomb Factory
Executive Producer: Majik Reed
Mixing Engineers: Roderick Allen, Cels Tha Engineer, Star Reed
Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered at The HITS Lab Studios, Bayonne, NJ


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