Drawn to the Sky EP by Drawn to the Sky

Drawn to the Sky EP by Drawn to the Sky – A new wave of pop/punk music that’s sure to win over fans of Never Shout Never and Pierce The Veil. Filled with memories of youth and teenage angst, Drawn To The Sky blends acoustic, and electronic elements to satisfy every ear.

Genre: Pop: Pop/Rock | Release Date: 2017

Preview Track – Time After Time

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Sugahbeat by Sugahbeat

Stamp your passport with Sugahbeat, a convivial fusion that embraces a variety of cross-cultural rhythms. The result is a full-on dance session trimmed in smiles and sweat. Steel drums are a key ingredient in the musical stew, and when combined with traditional instrumentation and horns a robust backdrop is created for the rich vocals to frolic between the grooves.

Be a musical tourist! Sugahbeat seamlessly blends world rhythms with contemporary beats, Reggae with Samba, Pop with Soca (West Indian for “Soul Calypso”), Latin with R&B, until the lines are blurred between them all, creating a distinctive, proprietary sound.

Amber Lantern by Timothy Monger

Amber Lantern is inward musing, outward bound guitar pop from this revelatory Midwestern singer/songwriter Timothy Monger.

Genre: Rock: Folk Rock

Release Date: 2017

About release – Amber Lantern is the third solo LP from Michigan singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist Timothy Monger. Written and recorded over a four year period deep in the guts of his mid-30’s, the album is an inward musing, outward bound cascade of gently expansive, warmly detailed songcraft. Melding subtle synth textures with elements of psych, folk, and jangling power pop, Monger explores themes of hope, struggle, and personal revelation in poignant observations that celebrate the weird odyssey of the self.

100 Cracks by Keith Plunkett

100 Cracks by Young Irish Singer Songwriter Keith Plunkett returns with his most personal release to date. Genre: Pop: Today’s Top 40 Release Date: 2017

About the artist – Keith Plunkett is a 21 year old solo singer/songwriter based on the East coast of Ireland in Dundalk, County Louth. Keith recorded his first demo ‘*Long Way Down’* in 2014 which led him to signing with independent Kildare-based record label Downdaroad Productions. Over the last year Keith has released his Debut EP *’Different
Things’* which garnered a lot of attention and airplay and reached #23 in the Charts. Since then he has been gigging extensively becoming one of the top emerging artists on the Irish music scene. **

Corazon by Carl Martin

Corazon by singer Carl Martin draws inspiration from every aspect of life from the sound of blowing wind to the beat of his own heart.
Nurture and nature, fear and bravery, strength and weakness and relationships with one self and others are a few of many themes he presents in his compositions.

About the artist – Carl Martin was born on June 24th, 1990, in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and then raised in Lima, Peru. He is a pop, electronic and alternative singer/songwriter who cites George Michael and Natasha Bedingfield as his major influences.

Uplift by Gabriella Burnel

Uplift by Gabriella Burnel, are songs inspired by people, by nature, by moments of wonder, by moments of soft sadness. Some of the songs feature a little bit of Sanskrit. Genre: Pop: Quirky | Release Date: 2017


Preview: Track – 8 – One Day

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Your Name by Bernache

Your Name by Bernache – Bernache is an indie / grunge / lo-fi music project based in Montreal by singer and producer Emmanuelle Proulx (Men I Trust).

Release date: 2017


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Business Of Dreams

Pop – Business Of Dreams from Los Angeles, California have their debut, self-titled, album on cassette. Recorded and performed by Corey Cunningham from Magic Bullets and Terry Malts. Features a cover of David Westlake/The Servants’ “She Grew And She Grew”.

Preview: Joyride

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